Mantua Township Police Department

405 Main Street, Mantua, NJ 08051 (click for Google Maps)

Mantua Twp. Police Dept.

Phone Numbers

Emergency Calls: 9-1-1

Police Service: 856-468-1900
Non-emergency Administrative Calls: 856-468-1920
Records: records@mantuatownship.com

All non-emergent requests for police response should be directed to 856-468-1900, which is answered by Gloucester County Communications. They have dispatching responsibilities for the Mantua Township Police Department.

If you are interested in reviewing one of our standard operating procedures for a particular area, please feel free to contact Lieutenant Ferry at 856.468.1920, ext. 1529. He would be happy to set up a time for you to come in and review it, with the exception of any policies that deal with specific police tactics to crisis situations.



Traffic Concerns:

Residents are encouraged to fill out the form below to express any traffic related safety issues.

Crossing Guards

The Police Department supervises all township crossing guards. If you would like to participate in the crossing guard program, which includes full and part-time positions, please contact Lieutenant Ferry at 856-468-1920 ext. 1529 or jfferry@mantuatownship.com.


The Police Department’s Canine Unit which includes Patrolman Riepen (856.468.1920 ext. 1547 or keriepen@mantuatownship.com) with Canine Bane and Patrolman Mroz (ext. 1555 or csmroz@mantuatownship.com) with Canine Zuke, are available for demonstrations, special events, and activities. Please contact them with any questions or to set something up!


Child Safety Seat Technicians

The Police Department has several officers trained in the inspection and proper installation of child safety seats. Sgt. Shaun Butler (sjbutler@mantuatownship.com, ext. 1546), Ptl. Adam Hasselman (ahasselman@mantuatownship.com, ext. 1550), SLEO II Jeffrey Krieger (jkrieger@mantuatownship.com, ext. 1591), SLEO I Amara Benson (agbenson@mantuatownship.com, ext. 15100), and SLEO I Zach Amiss (zwamiss@mantuatownship.com, ext. 15101) are available to anyone, township resident or not, who has a question or requests assistance on the proper installation of a child safety seat. The officers can be reached through the Police Department’s non-emergency number, 856-468-1920. Keep in mind that the average appointment time is 30-45 minutes for a proper installation and demonstration. The goal is to teach you how properly install seats for future reference, not just to install the seat for you.

Also, we will be conducting child safety seat installations on the second Saturday of every month from 10am to 2pm at the Sewell Firehouse, 155 East Union Ave., Sewell, NJ. Other locations may be utilized depending on the weather or special events. The Mantua Fire Department has graciously offered their facility to allow for families to wait in their large meeting room until their vehicle can be pulled into a bay and the installation/training completed.  Please join us!

Project Safe Deal Zone

The Police Department is registered as a Safe Deal Zone.  This allows you to conduct your Craigslist, Facebook, LetGo, Close5, 5Miles, OfferUp, Kijiji, Pinterest, Etsy, local classifieds or other face-to-face transactions in a registered safe location (Mantua Twp. Police Department, 405 Main Street, Mantua, NJ).  We ask that you do not conduct firearms transactions due to the potential for a misunderstanding.  Officers will be available if a specific stand-by is needed due to any concern regarding the transaction.  Just phone Dispatch at 856.468.1900 ahead of time to let us know.  It is not required to have an officer stand by; our lot is well-lit and has video surveillance.  We just want to let you know that we are available if you are concerned enough to want an officer present during the transaction.  Please visit the Safe Deal Zone website to see other registered sites or to obtain more information.

Project Medicine Drop

The Police Department participates in “Project Medicine Drop”, which is a program where “prescription drug boxes” are installed at participating New Jersey Police departments. Installed in our lobby is a locked metal “mailbox” permanently affixed to the floor. It is easily recognizable as it has prominent “Project Medicine Drop” logos all over it. Residents or non-residents can drop off unused and/or expired medications safely, securely, and anonymously. It is available seven days per week, 365 days per year (however, after 4:30PM on weekdays and all weekends/holidays you will need to utilize the red phone in the vestibule to contact a dispatcher to have an officer let you in).

We maintain custody of the deposited drugs, and dispose of them according to established procedures for the custody and destruction of controlled dangerous substances. The quantity of discarded drugs is reported to the Division of Consumer Affairs on a quarterly basis.

Please visit the Project Medicine Drop website for more information.


In an effort to better communicate with the residents of Mantua Township, the Police Department has started using a communications system that allows residents to receive information ranging from critical alerts to community news. The system is called Nixle, and it allows residents to decide how they receive this information – by text, email, over the internet, or by mobile application. It enables the us to provide timely information to local residents so that they can better react to occurrences such as severe weather warnings, evacuation orders, school alerts, and other critical information. In addition, we can also relay other community related information such as police blotters, crime prevention tips, traffic closures, community updates, and much more. Please visit www.nixle.com for more details. It is a free service.

Snow Ordinance

The Mantua Township Police Department would like to remind all residents that per local ordinance 143-22 there is no parking on ANY Township Street during snow emergencies, or any snowstorm in which snow removal equipment is in use. We ask that all vehicles, portable basketball nets, boats and RV’s be removed from all highways, streets and cul-de-sacs to prevent damage and allow our Public Works Department and other government agencies to effectively plow and clear all highways, streets and cul-de-sacs within the Township safely and timely. Please keep your vehicles clear of the road until the snow has stopped, AND plows have cleared your street. Also, local ordinance 350-28 prohibits the depositing of snow on any roadway within the Township either by shovel, snow blower, plow or any other means from any driveway, sidewalk or other private property onto any street within the Township.

To ensure the safety and welfare of all residents, and to assist in the prompt clearing of snow from the roadways, the Mantua Police Department asks that all residents be mindful of these ordinances to assist in the prompt, safe and effective removal of snow from all Township Roadways.

“The Mantua Township Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer”