Public Works


Superintendent:                        Mike Datz     Phone:  856-468-1500 ext. 115

Assistant Superintendent:          Glenn deMers    Phone:  856-468-1500

Parks & Grounds Director:         Bill Pine   Phone:  856-415-9999

Hours:                    6:30 am to 3 pm weekdays

The Public Works Department contributes to the improvement of our community in many ways, including collecting trash and recycling, maintaining township parks, plowing and maintaining streets and providing other services.

Trash Collection Schedule:

Monday: Barnsboro and outlying area-north to but not including Heritage road, south to Pitman line including Lambs Road east to Chestnut Run, west to Harrison Township line, and to but not including Bridgeton Pike (Route 45). Voting District 1 and 10, including Weatherby Hills, Village of Country Gardens.

Tuesday: Sewell-south of Centre Street and including the Cinderella area west of railroad, south to Pitman line including Buckingham Village, east to Mantua Creek not Lambs Road. Also includesthe developments of Bellmeade, Rosewood and Ravenswood. Voting Districts 3, 5 and 6; a portion of district 3 is handled on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Mantua proper-east of Bridgeton Pike, south to Jackson Road, east to Wenonah line (Mantua Creek). Barlow Tract area and Sewell-east of railroad and south to Centre Street. Voting Districts 2 and part of 3 and 11. Chapel Ridge Development.

Thursday: Centre City (east side of Bridgeton Pike)-south to Harrison Township line including both sides of Heritage Road, Jackson Road and North Main Street, Barnsboro. Voting Districts 7 and 9.

Friday: Mantua Heights, trailer section, Mantua Woods, Centre City (west side of Bridgeton Pike) (Route 4)-south to Harrison Township line and portion of Mantua west of Bridgeton Pike (Route 45). Voting Districts 4, 8 and 12. Also Cold Springs, Boody Mill Road, Cohawkin Road, Mill Run, Spring Valley development and Legends on Jessup Mill Road.

 Trash Reminders


• Trash containers should be placed at the curb by 6 am on your designated trash day and should not be placed at the curb before 6 pm on the day  preceding your regular trash day. Trash containers must be removed from the curb by 7 pm on trash collection day (Ordinance No. 44-7). When your trash day falls on a holiday, trash will be collected as per the calendar.

• Only trash in provided BLACK carts will be collected. Trash must be placed in a bag & then placed in the provided trash cart.

• Containers should be less than 50 lbs. Public Works will not pick up concrete, tires, roofing shingles or oil-based paint or their cans, break cement from poles and all other types of sprays and chemicals. Contractors working on your home must remove their own debris.


• Place all commingled and paper recyclables in the same recyclable BLUE cart you received from the Twp.

• Recyclables should be placed 4 ft. away from your regular trash.

• All aluminum, tin cans, glass bottles and jars MUST BE RINSED OUT  and then placed in a recycling container. Remove caps and lids. Include newspaper, phone books, magazines, junk mail, light cardboard.   DO NOT INCLUDE tissue, plastic, carbon paper, carbon-less forms, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, plastic-coated paper, or food- contaminated paper, hypodermic needles and any type of Styrofoam products.


• Disposal of Grass/ Vegetative Waste is to be placed inside the GREEN cart. This pickup is from March – October . Following grass pickup, vegetative waste (i.e.: garden debris, grass clippings and thatching debris) can be placed at curbside with your leaves.

• No dirt, mulch, branches & sticks are to be placed along with this type of pickup.


• Bulk Trash is for residential household waste ONLY.

• This refers to waste that is generated by the residents of the household.  This DOES NOT include the structure and/or the outside structure, storm damage, remodeling or ANY construction debris.  Old furniture may be placed at the curb with your trash on bulk week.

• If you are disposing of white goods, such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, washer, or dryer or light iron, please note that the doors must be removed from appliances before they are placed at the curb. If possible, please ask the delivery firm that brings the new unit to take away the old unit, which is more cost-effective to the township.


• The Township brush crane will make the rounds on non-bulk weeks in the spring, summer and fall.

• If you have branches, stack them neatly at the curb with cut ends toward street.

• Leaves can be raked to the curb (no bags necessary). Leaves in bags will not be picked up, Public Works will clear them away starting  October – December weather permitting. Check the township website or call the department for collection schedule. Do not include sticks, branches or dead flowers.


• TV’s, computers, DVD’s, CD player must go out during the Bulk week.


• Free leaf and wood mulch is available to township residents (not businesses). Call the department for more information.


• This should be taken to Gloucester County on Special Waste Days.  Please contact them at 856-478-6045 ext. 14 for more information.


• The sweeper will be out cleaning the streets. The sweeper schedule is as follows: The day before your scheduled trash pickup day, the sweeper will be around. Public Works makes every attempt to stay on this schedule – weather and personnel permitting.